Precision Tools, Advanced Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

We are thought leaders and first movers - bringing robotic automation and precision tools to year-round organic farming.

Our greenhouses and the patented and proprietary machines in them enable powerful automation while gathering high-resolution data from thousands of sensors. We log every data point, every minute. Our data historian provides the foundation for advanced mathematical analysis that enables machines to learn - to be more efficient and to provide optimal care to plants during each hour and day of growth.

With each new cycle of growth in each of our greenhouses, we gather a new set of comparable data. As the number of sets increases, so does the power to learn. Soon, our greenhouses will instruct us on how we can further automate, better farm, make high quality organic food, and more optimally use our planet's resources.

Blockchain Ready

Which greenhouse? Which sector? Which seed variety? Source of the seed? When was the plant harvested? What were the environmental conditions in which it grew? Soil tests, sap tests, growing days, yield; it's all there. We believe our customers have the right to know everything about their food and its origin - and we plan to share it with them.

Food Demand Statistics

0% of American households buy organic
0% more food will be needed in the world by 2050
0% of executives surveyed view AI as a strategic opportunity