Food Safety Measures For Covid-19

John Gaus  |  March 13, 2020 Down on the Farm,
Dear Friends,

We hope you, your employees and your families are staying healthy.

During this challenging time of assessment, containment, treatment, and recovery from COVID-19 our business is taking extra measures to ensure the security, cleanliness, freshness and fair pricing of the food we make. As a health and wellness Company, we will do what we can to help maintain the health and well being in our community and those people with whom we conduct  business. 
1. Agbotic is increasing its donations of clean, organic, healthy food to food banks, people out of work due to the circumstance, and those generally in need.
2. Agbotic will temporarily lower its food prices to retailers that commit to passing savings to their customers. 
3. We are shifting a portion of greenhouse production to plants generally associated with lung and immune system health.

4. We are increasing our commitment to maintain the security of our local and organic food supply and have issued social-distancing and increased hygiene  guidance to our coworkers consistent with the latest government recommendations. We are also increasing health and hygiene measures  in greenhouse operations, food handling, food packaging, and food deliveries.
We encourage everyone and their families to boost their immune systems. Some health and nutritional professionals recommend:
  • Consume less alcohol, sugar, and processed foods
  • Regularly take vitamins and nutritional supplements
  • Drink ample water 
  • Thoroughly wash and consume more fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  • Get proper amounts of sleep
We will continually review and update our employee guidance.

In the event our employees experience fever, dry cough, shortness of breath or other concerning symptoms consistent with COVID-19 they are instructed to immediately self isolate from work and the public and seek medical attention in a manner consistent with current guidance from local and state health authorities. If anyone is in urgent need of food, we will deliver fresh vegetables.

We are hoping this circumstance is minimally impactful. We are seeking to use common sense and balance our preparation as we learn more.

Stay Healthy,

Kevin Richardson, Cody Morse, John Gaus
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