Hemp is the New Superfood

Abby Swartz  |  July 9, 2019 Customer Highlights,
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Hemp is the new kale, and the new tumeric, and the new tea! That's what people are saying.

From hemp seed oil, to hemp meal, to hemp nutritional supplements and cosmetics. Industrial hemp is federally legal and people are looking to grow and use it for many different wholesome purposes.

At Agbotic, whole plant hemp has nothing to do with getting high and everything to do with making GoodHealthy, organic products. We believe that people will want local and organic whole plant hemp products for all the same reasons they want local and organic food. Our hemp is 100% organic, tested, and traceable back to the seeds from which it was planted and the greenhouse row from which it was harvested.

Coming soon - GoodHealthy Organic Hemp Tea in two refreshing flavors.

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