Hemp Leaves! Tell us what you think!

Abby Swartz  |  July 29, 2020 Customer Highlights,
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Health Food Fanatics are Saying that Hemp is the new Kale.

It's loaded with organic compounds thought to provide a wide array of health and nutritional benefits and you can chop it into salads, sauté’s, smoothies, or blend it with water to boil and strain and make you own fresh hemp tea (we add a bit of lemon).

There are a lot of misconceptions about industrial hemp and and wide range of view points - so before we add it to your next home delivery box - please let us know if you really want it or not.

As always, this GoodHealthy® product is 100% legal, local, and organic - and we grow the plants we grow to help make people healthier while cleaning the air, water, and soil.

Please share your thoughts and thank you!

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