The Movement Toward Sustainability Farmed Plant-Based Nutrition Is Just Getting Started

Abby Swartz  |  September 2, 2019
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The millennial population is overtaking the baby boomers and they are changing how we eat. Millennials prioritize health and wellness, environmentalism, and humane treatment of animals. This dominant generation is abandoning the brands and products with which they grew up; from Kraft Singles to mainstream beer brands such as Budweiser.

This is evident in the rapid rise of companies like Beyond Meat and cow-free milk company Perfect Day Foods .

Whatever your food preferences, traditions, positions on the environment, or spiritual beliefs, the new trends are undeniable and fundamentally changing the ag and food sectors.

Beyond Meat’s burgers are almost everywhere now and they just launched a new fried chicken with KFC.

Perfect Day Foods recently sold out their debut of cow-free ice cream and is reportedly working with large food companies to make cow-free yogurt and cream cheese.

Even DFA, America’s largest dairy cooperative, launched a plant-based beverage product. Eggs are likely next with some egg replacement powders already available for baking.

Agbotic is excited to be a part of the movement to produce local, organic, and sustainable plant-based foods, beverages, and eventually nutritional supplements and medicine.

We are committed to making food that makes people feel better – because it is clean and healthy – and that makes people feel good about using it – because it is made in a way that restores the environment.

If you have an idea for an organic product you think we should grow and make next, we would love to hear it. We are just getting started.