Ecologically Restorative and Healthy

We are improving the air, water and soil where we farm.

Some people are saying it. We are doing it.

It's popular marketing to say food is "better than organic" or "beyond organic." However, it is not likely that something is "better than organic" if it cannot qualify to be organic in the first place.

Our farms and products are certified organic.

It is true that organic certification allows the use of certain chemicals. We seek to avoid the use of all chemicals - even those that are approved for organic use. We welcome our customers to visit our farm to verify the origin of their food, meet the people that grow it, and see the manner in which it is planted, nurtured, harvested and packed.

Real Food Grows in Real Soil

Terroir: the unique textures, aromas, and flavors imparted to organic foods by the environment and soil in which they are farmed. Great food has it, most foods don't.

The environment on our farm includes trees, wetlands, scrub, grass and wildflowers. There is habitat for sensitive wildlife; birds, bees, frogs, and monarch butterflies. We sequester carbon in the soil with biochar and we are highly water and energy efficient. It makes a difference to the planet, our community, our employees and our customers.

We are passionate about farming in a way that is good for the planet and the people and wildlife that share it. We are working hard to put the terroir back into GoodHealthy food, beverages, and nutritional supplements that improve the health of people that use them.

We really do care. You can see it in the way we farm. You can taste it in our food. We proudly grow clean and healthy food for our families, friends and deeply valued customers.

We hope you visit our farm.

Organic Farming Statistics

0 Billion dollars spent on organic products annually in America
0% of all supermarket categories offer organic options on their shelves