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The Dirt

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Ecologically Restorative Organic Farming

Our cutting-edge robotic greenhouses are embedded on real farms. We are 100% organic inside and out. We plant trees on our farms; establish wetlands; and grow wild flowers and milkweed. We protect habitat for insects, birds, bees, frogs, turtles, and monarch butterflies. We sequester carbon in the soil with biochar.

Some people say that 80% of our healthcare issues can be prevented or cured by the way we eat. 80%! And Wendell Berry reminds us that eating is an agricultural act. Human health and the health of the planet are inextricably linked to farming. It’s time to abandon monoculture, chemical models that are destroying wildlife and loading the environment and the food chain with toxins.

It’s time to reimagine farming.

Imagine if we could heal humans and the planet with a new era of Smart Farms. Imagine precision farms with machines that learn and are artificially intelligent. Imagine highly profitable farms that employ a talented young workforce in knowledge economy jobs. Imagine farms that make GoodHealthy superfoods and medicines – all while leaving the air water and soil cleaner than when they started farming.

Agbotic is working hard to be a thought leader for the future of food and farming.


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