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Monarch Butterflies on the Farm

According to "The heart of the monarch's range is the Midwestern "Corn Belt", where most of the world's monarchs are born on milkweed plants growing in agricultural fields. Because of the ubiquitous spraying of Roundup on corn and soy that have been genetically modified to resist herbicides, the monarch is in bad trouble in the core of its range, where its sole host plant, milkweed, is disappearing."

Biologists estimate the population of eastern monarchs has declined by as much as 80 percent in about the last two decades. Leading causes are the destruction of habitat and the uses of pesticides. That is why the monarch has become one of the symbols for environmental sustainability and why it is part of our GoodHealthy products brand. At Agbotic, our food brand is not just a brand. We are passionate about leading with an environmentally restorative model for farming. It is why we plant trees, establish wetlands, and let milkweed and wildflowers grow for monarch butterflies, pollinators, and other sensitive wildlife.

This approach to Smart Farming is enabled by advanced automation - that empowers farmers to farm in soil, organically, and profitably. Ultimately, those profits allow us to do what is right for the land and it makes us genuinely happy to see monarchs thriving in our organic and environmentally restorative wildlife oasis. #smartfarming #restorativefarming #sustainability #organicallygrown #soilgreenhouses


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