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New York Green Bank Funds Agbotic's Sustainable Infrastructure Project

We are pleased to announce our project finance transaction with New York Green Bank. This marks a milestone in New York State for the deployment of sustainable infrastructure at the nexus of food and energy.

John Gaus, Founder and CEO said "Sustainable Infrastructure investments require the utilization of world class assets. In this circumstance we are integrating efficient and renewable energy solutions with leading robotic, Smart Farm technology - and doing so in a manner that will profitably make cleaner organic food and energy; and improve air, water, and soil where we farm. When innovation enables environmentally restorative practices that are also more profitable than unsustainable predecessors, industry will naturally pursue those profits - and this is transformational." Thank you to everyone that has contributed to our work to date. We are just getting started. #sustainable #restorativefarming #smartfarms #organic #soilgreenhouses

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