The Team

John Gaus 

John is a computer and electrical engineer, serial entrepreneur, and technologist. He holds multiple patents in software, devices, process chemistry and robotics. He has started, operated, and exited a number of complex ventures managing teams of hundreds of people. Prior to co-founding Agbotic, John led multinational teams to develop, build, and commission biomass energy plants in 5 countries. He is now dedicated to creating the world's leading Smart Farms with machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Bob Smith

Bob is a seasoned operational and financial executive whose career has included law and investment banking. He was the COO of Friedman, Billings, Ramsey, Group (NYSE FBR) where he was instrumental in taking the company and its direct investment affiliate public, merging the two companies together, and taking the combined entity to a $5 billion market cap. He has raised and managed capital in public and private companies across multiple business sectors to profitable outcomes and has served as a senior executive and Board member of several public companies.

Kevin Richardson
EVP Sales and Operations

Kevin is a food industry entrepreneur with significant operational and sales experience. He enjoys outstanding networks in the food, hospitality, and restaurant industry in the Northeast US. Prior to co-founding Agbotic, he has built successful beverage and food brands and food processing operations. His work has been highlighted by leading chefs and high-profile customers and mentioned on multiple occasions in the New York Times Food Section.

Cody Morse
VP Technology

Cody was born and raised on an organic farm and is a former United States Marine with honorable and distinguished service in highly-demanding special operations assignments. He is an advanced problem solver and highly talented inventor and builder of innovative tools, automation, environmental systems and controls. 

Patrick Brennan
Director of Ag and Government Affairs

Patrick was born and raised on a New York State Dairy Farm and is the former Commissioner of Agriculture in New York State, as well as the former State Director of the USDA in New York.

Ross Raymond

Ross is a Sales and Marketing Senior Vice President for a global branded products company. He has over 25 years experience building brands, developing sales teams and implementing strategic initiatives with many of the leading retailers in the United States.

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