The future of farming is rooted in healthy soil.

Regenerative. Local. Organic. An elegant union of Ecology + Technology to shape the leading SmartFarm platform.

At Agbotic, plants grow in wholesome soil the way nature intended. With responsible technology so farms can profit and communities everywhere can participate. It’s an old (and new) way of doing things. Healthier for people and the planet.

Agbotic SmartFarms: 

Grounded in nature. Tended by robots. Nurtured by humans.

Automated SmartFarms grow nutritionally complete meals and restore the environment in communities we call home.


The air, water, and soil on our farms are getting cleaner as we cultivate the future of carbon negative agriculture.



Patented automation and proprietary AI create exceptional productivity and
resource-efficiency. Less water. Less energy. Shorter cycles. Bigger yields. More nutrition.


Certified organic inside and out. We grow a wide range of plants for fresh food, beverages, and wholesome consumer goods.


We are building a global network of organic SmartFarms to meet the world's growing demand for plant-based products.

Building a brighter farm future.

Some people say it. We do it. Reverence for nature. Commitment to health and wellness for all people. Passion for responsible technology. Contribution to society. Our first SmartFarm is making a difference—not only for the land, but for the people who live there. Imagine what the next 100 SmartFarms will do.

Our SmartFarm impact in Sackets Harbor, NY.


tons of CO2 offset per year


COVID food donations for neighbors in need


less water use  than conventional farming


higher farm wages and permanent jobs in agriculture

Gantry Watering2.png

A healthy planet requires healthy soil.

Soil is the foundation of all life on earth—including us. But chemical-industrial farming depletes soil, damages the environment, and diminishes human health. There’s a better way.

Grow better. Taste better. Feel better.

Plants from organic soil are more robust, aromatic, flavorful, and nutritious than products from conventional and hydroponic models. Complete nutrition, healing hydration, and wholesome plant-based products. We label it with our GoodHealthy® brand.


The future (and past) of farming is regenerative.

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