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It’s simple: Organic plants from healthy soil taste and feel better. Soil gives plants their terroir—the unique aromas and flavors imparted by their genuine source. And because we are local, our plants are always fresh and full of flavorful nutrition.


Our products are ideal for fresh food, beverages, or consumer plant-based products. Available under our own GoodHealthy® label or in the packaging of your choice.


  • Local

  • Organic

  • Regenerative

  • Soil-Grown


  • Synthetic Fertilizers

  • Pesticides

  • GMOs

  • Hydroponic Chemicals

Farm-fresh Organic Produce, Herbs, and Healing Plants 

  • Tender Beetroot with Greens

    Crisp and aromatic with an earthy-sweet flavor, our tender roots pack a nutritional punch.

  • Tender Radish with Greens

    Light and sweet with a fresh, satisfying crunch. Add them to salad, pasta, pesto, and more.

  • Radish Medley

    A blend of red, purple, and pearl radishes that's bursting with color and flavor. Offers a delightful crunch with a sweet, mild finish.

  • Baby Kale

    Kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. Ours is crisp and garden-fresh with deep earthy flavor.

  • Tender Baby Arugula

    Our vibrant baby leaf arugula has a zesty aroma and a pleasantly spicy bite.

  • Spinach

    Our spinach is bold, refreshing, and slightly sweet. With infinite possibilities, it will elevate every dish with more nutrition, texture and flavor.

  • Mustard

    Fresh and bold flavor with a nutty, peppery kick. Use it in sautes or salads for a rich burst of heat.

  • Tulsi

    Also known as "holy basil" and a powerhouse plant packed with anti-inflammatory compounds. Robust, aromatic, it is traditional as medicinal tea for respiratory and other relief. Creative and healthy in gourmet dishes.

  • Superfood Blend

    Half baby kale, half tender beetroot with green. Kale is 50% protein calories and beet is packed with broad-spectrum nutrition. Simply chop to add color, flavor, texture, and big nutrition to almost any salad, sandwich, recipe, or green smoothie.

  • Spicy Crunch

    A blend of our peppery arugula and tender radish with greens. Simply chop and add color, spicy flavor, crunchy texture, and nutrition to any soup, salad, sandwich, potato dish, or casserole.

Healing Hydration

Proper hydration is essential for good health. Our nutrient-dense plants offer an array of vitamins, phytocompounds and antioxidants for healthy, organic, plant-based hydration. It's a GoodHealthy® approach to healing from the inside out.


Growing the future of farming.

Our SmartFarm platform is powerfully flexible—and we’re just getting started. With the help of international horticulturalists and experienced product developers, we are working to add more health and wellness products to our GoodHealthy® portfolio.

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