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Despite all our accomplishments we owe our existence to a few inches of topsoil and the fact that it rains.

Soil is the foundation of all life on earth. The healthier the soil, the healthier the plants that grow in it and the people and animals that rely on them for nutrition and clean air. Chemical-industrial farming has depleted the world’s soil, threatening human health, the climate, and food quality.


Regenerative farming can reverse the trend to restore soil and help heal the planet and us.

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Soil is Alive.

A single handful of healthy soil contains more microorganisms than there are people on earth. Plants and soil exist in a delicate and complex symbiotic relationship. Plants are nature’s photosynthetic powerhouses with root systems that provide food for soil microbes in the form of secretions called soil exudates.  In turn, the microbes break down nutrients for the roots to absorb and form a vigorous plant. The soil biome is the “stomach” of the plant– managing nutrient breakdown, nutrient transfer across the root membrane, and the plant’s immune system.

Just like your gut biome, when the soil biome is healthy, the soil supports stronger, healthier plants.  Read More


Soil helps regulate our climate

Healing on the local level leads to healing on the global level. As communities return to local, organic, regenerative farming, our soil will heal and so will the planet. Healthy soil is a carbon sink, so much so that Earth’s soil could hold all man-made CO2 emissions. Regenerating the earth’s soil is one of the best and fastest options to protect our climate.

Better soil grows better plants.

Terroir refers to the unique textures, aromas, and flavors imparted to organic food by the environment and soil in which it is farmed. Great food has it; most foods don’t. This is because chemical fertilizers, pesticides and deep till agriculture strips soil of the healthy microbes that plants need to thrive, while hydroponic processes skip soil entirely. By growing organically and in soil, we grow stronger plants for more nutritious food and wholesome plant-based products.

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