Building a smarter, brighter farm future with roots and robots.

  • John Gaus

    Founder / CEO

    Computer and electrical engineer, serial entrepreneur, organic farmer, patents in software, devices, process chemistry and robotics. Has led multinational teams to build and commission projects across Europe. Seed funded and “bet the farm” on Agbotic.

  • Kevin Richardson

    Founder/EVP Sales and Operations

    Food industry entrepreneur with outstanding networks in retail, food, hospitality, and restaurant industry in the Northeast US. Has built successful beverage and food brands and food processing operations.

  • Cody Morse

    Founder/EVP Infrastructure and Automation

    Born and raised on an organic farm, US Marine with distinguished service in highly demanding assignments, advanced problem solver, talented inventor and builder of innovative tools, automation, environmental systems and controls.

  • Bob Smith


    Seasoned operational and financial executive in law, finance, and investment banking. Former COO of FBR Group (NYSE;FBR) where he helped create $5 billion market cap, has raised and managed capital in public and private companies across multiple business sectors.

  • Patrick Brennan

    Director / Advisor

    Former Commissioner of Agriculture and former State Director of the USDA in New York, lifelong farmer.

  • John Prete

    Director / Advisor

    Former CEO of UI Holdings Company, a group of publicly traded and regulated natural gas and electric utilities with $5 Billion in assets, $800 Million in revenue, 690,000 customers, and 1,850 in employees.

Ecologists and technologists:

A new breed of team.

We are a team of entrepreneurs, environmentalists, engineers and business professionals united by a reverence for nature, a passion for responsible science, and a commitment to humanity.

Agbotic grows from a desire to farm in the smartest possible way - healthier for people and the planet.


Our SmartFarm platform proves that responsible technology can make regenerative farming profitable for farmers and accessible to communities everywhere. 


Our vision is a healthier world where everyone has access to local, organic food, and regenerative  plant-based products.  A world where carbon-negative farms feed their communities with complete meals without having to choose between making a living and nurturing the land. A world where we give more than we take—the way it was always meant to be.


Join Us On The Farm

Help us build a brighter farm future. We welcome inquiries from investors, potential farm partners, and new team members.  Get In Touch.

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