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Beet Cred down on the SmartFarm

Forget about street cred. Our growers are bragging on beet cred. We are nerds about this stuff. Our new precision technology for organic agriculture is coming on strong. This picture shows a bed of new beets - in a perfectly formed row; that is perfectly, uniformly seeded; that is rapidly and fully germinated; and that has grown to 1” high in just under six days. It means that our SmartFarm performance is improving and we will work hard to keep these GoodHealthy organic beets clean; harvest them at just the right time; crash cool them in our triple wash facility; and get them to your plate as soon as humanly possible.

We are only growing GoodHealthy plants that can make people healthier. We are only farming in a ecologically restorative manner to clean the air, water, and soil where we farm.


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