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Growing, Growing, Growing

Alan Watts observed, "We do not 'come into' this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree."

It makes sense. Everything in our life comes out of the earth and we must care for the earth to solve our earthly problems - particularly those related to human health and the environment.

As much as 80% of our healthcare costs and a third of our carbon footprint can be addressed by how we farm and what we eat. Agbotic is working hard to make GoodHealthy food that makes people feel physically better because it is clean and healthy - and food that makes people feel good about using it because it is locally grown in a manner that is restorative to the environment.

All people should have access to clean, local and organic food. All people should have access to real and healthy food that they can trust. We are passionate about growing organic food that we are proud to serve to our families, our friends, and our deeply valued customers. We are passionate about growing our business in a way that makes a positive difference.

We are excited to share that we are working on five new Smart Farm project sites. We are growing our business so that we can grow more local, clean, and organic food for more people and in more places. #smartfarms #goodhealthy #restorativefarming #organicallygrown #knowyourfarmer


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