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This is Gabriel, our most recent hire from Cornell University. He has a background in both plant and computer science and is working to advance our data and machine learning models.

We are gathering high volumes of hyper-variate, high-resolution and DOE analysis. Soon, with the help of Gabriel and others at Cornell, our artificially intelligent greenhouses will be on auto-tuning, auto-pilot and telling us how to better farm and more efficiently use the plant's resources.

We are passionate about growing organic plants that make people feel better because they are clean and healthy - and growing those plants without the use of harmful chemicals and in a way that cleans the air, water and soil.

Pursuing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence with truly intelligent people will get us to the goal line faster. Thank you Gabriel! #gobigred #innovation #machinelearning #artificialintelligence #smartfarms #plantscience #weloveplants 

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